All of our meats are fresh, less than 30 days from packing date and factory vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness. We also carry lamb and goat meat.



Our poultry assortment includes eggs, Whole chicken, chicken breast, leg quarters, leg meat and wings. We also offer frozen Turkey, frozen Duck and much more.

Halal frozen chicken
Halal frozen chicken


Our Company.

US HALAL FROZEN is one of the leading food distributing companies around the world. With a wide range of products, we serve a global market with quality products from premium brands

US Halal Frozen was created as a trade company supplying on quality products from the best suppliers. Over the years, US Halal Frozen has been able to collaborate and established lucrative relationship with farms and producers worldwide. Our success is built on quality, that is why we go through a rigorous process in selecting our farms and producers.

​Because of its world-class quality and its pure natural composition, US Halal Frozen has a collection of quality Products for your family. For those who strive to provide the best for their families, US Halal Frozen and Brands is one of the best choices, since it greatly cares about its customers’ health and supports consumers’ wellbeing.

Our factories meet all international standards and are amongst the best and largest in the world. Our partnership with these plants have seen US Halal Frozen become one of the largest food distributors worldwide.

Frozen Chicken

Frozen Beef

Qualities of Halal Frozen Chicken Suppliers

  • Individually hand slaughtered by experienced Muslim butchers

  • 100% Feed on A herbivorous diet keeping them healthy

  • No stunning used prior to slaughter

  • Thoroughly drained after slaughter leaving the chicken completely blood free

  • Separately process from non halal chicken

  • Triple-checked at multiple stages for healthy halal chicken

  • Quickly frozen with minimal ice crystals to lock in freshness and quality

  • Our non-porous packaging maintains integrity and prevent freezer burn

  • Good sized with excellent ratio of meat to bone

  • Fair value market price

  • We accommodate custom cut preferences and packaging

  • Cage free raised in conducive environment

  • Approved verified halal certification

  • Capacities to supply container loads

  • We handle export documentation, Customs clearance, Port handling and Refrigerated container loading

  • On-time deliveries and smooth handling through every shipment.

In every market we serve, we are a wholesale distribution companies of frozen Chicken and Beef. We focus on quality consumable products, and we attach great importance to delivering your orders as per request, and are in perfect condition wholesale food market worldwide.

When you do business with US Halal Frozen international distributors, you can rest assured that we are always committed to delivering your goods accurately, promptly and at the best price. We understand what it takes to succeed in this business: excellent people, quality services and quality products. These add up to a great top 10 food brokers company with quality food services.

Discover the biggest exporter of chicken and Beef to inspire your daily meals. Traditional and unique product selections provide you with a wide variety of groceries, dairy products, meat export,.The ever-growing variety keeps customers satisfied.

Halal frozen chicken for sale
Halal frozen chicken for sale

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