Frozen Chicken

Qualities of Halal Frozen Chicken Suppliers

  • Individually hand slaughtered by experienced Muslim butchers

  • 100% Feed on A herbivorous diet keeping them healthy

  • No stunning used prior to slaughter

  • Thoroughly drained after slaughter leaving the chicken completely blood free

  • Separately process from non halal chicken

  • Triple-checked at multiple stages for healthy halal chicken

  • Quickly frozen with minimal ice crystals to lock in freshness and quality

  • Our non-porous packaging maintains integrity and prevent freezer burn

  • Good sized with excellent ratio of meat to bone

  • Fair value market price

  • We accommodate custom cut preferences and packaging

  • Cage free raised in conducive environment

  • Approved verified halal certification

  • Capacities to supply container loads

  • We handle export documentation, Customs clearance, Port handling and Refrigerated container loading

  • On-time deliveries and smooth handling through every shipment.

  • With No Hormones or Antibiotics

  • Fed A Vegetarian Diet

  • No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

  • Cage-Free Or Free Roaming Chickens

  • Cared For And Handled Humanely

  • With Proper Qibla Direction

  • Handly individually Slaughtered by muslims

  • Lengthy Bleed Time

    This result in a high-quality, all-natural, organic wholesome and good-tasting chicken. With this in mind, you can be confident that all our Products are processed under strict Halal practices and the highest industrial standards