Our Company.

​US HALAL FROZEN is one of the leading food distributing companies around the world. With a wide range of products, we serve a global market with quality products from premium brands

US Halal Frozen was created as a trade company supplying on quality products from the best suppliers. Over the years, US Halal Frozen has been able to collaborate and established lucrative relationship with farms and producers worldwide. Our success is built on quality, that is why we go through a rigorous process in selecting our farms and producers.

​Because of its world-class quality and its pure natural composition, US Halal Frozen has a collection of quality Products for your family. For those who strive to provide the best for their families, US Halal Frozen and Brands is one of the best choices, since it greatly cares about its customers’ health and supports consumers’ wellbeing.

Our factories meet all international standards and are amongst the best and largest in the world. Our partnership with these plants have seen US Halal Frozen become one of the largest food distributors worldwide.

Halal frozen chicken for sale
Halal frozen chicken for sale